If you want something, don’t just dream, but act and dare to obtain it!

Hello all,

These days, I heard many people around me who want to change this, who want to change that, and I would like to tell them: then, act and do it in order to make the changes happen.

Of course, it’s easy to say for certain projects, but if you don’t dare to give it a try, you won’t know if it’s gonna work for you or not. I’ve many projects in my head, but I can’t do all the things at the same time. Sometimes, you will need time to put in place and settle things in order to build a strong project.

We all have dreams, we all have wishes, and if you want something, I think that you really need to put the motivation, the desire and the solutions to obtain it. Even if it will take time. I know, it’s not easy. But you should try. Never give up.


If all alone, you can’t achieve your goal, then ask help from your friends, people that you trust. ASVD is an example. At the very beginning (in 2010), I only owned AUTOVEILLE, my SEO website and blogs on which I posted many articles related to technical, semantic, editorial, webmarketing elements, and I’ve done a lot of monitoring. I’m still publishing articles on my blogs and website. But year after year, I would like to create something bigger (especially for the NLP / SEO tools), so I asked my friend if he wants to team up with me for creating a bigger project together and he accepted! ASVD was created in 2013. And we are still working on it! ^^

Those are only one of my projects. I’ve others. If you don’t feel to tell people about your projects, then first, keep them for you. Once you feel that your projects are big enough, then you can share them with the World! 😉

Good luck,

Veronique Duong – Certified SEO Consultant


Focus on your strongest skills and qualities to be happy

Hello all!

These days I was searching myself day and night, and I finally realize that it won’t work if I’m always focusing on thing that I wanna change. So I decided to live with my strongest skills and my weak points, because nobody is perfect!  But what I wanna really do, it’s to focus and develop my strongest points as much as possible.

At work, my strongest skills are:

  • Organization (I’m super super organized, and I think that you can notice it if you look at all my activities), so I’m a good project manager
  • Communication: just to look at my personal branding, and you will understand why I dear to say that I’m very good at communication
  • Multilingual and bicultural: I can speak 5 languages and understand both Western and Asian cultures
  • I motivate myself really easily, and that’s why I can have a lead role in order to make the team motivates too
  • my Very Strong SEO skills (Google and Baidu): I can explain SEO to very beginners to experts without any problem. Every time that I give a conference or a training, people always learn a lot, and love my SEO trainings, SEO courses
  • I love to do very Clear and Concrete SEO audits (from technical elements to external linking). I realize that clients also really like my way to audit their websites, because it’s clear and they understand what I’m saying even if it’s very technical sometimes. I’m very good at simplifying science concepts
  • I love to speak in conferences, trainings, to speak in public in general (and this is not something that everybody loves …)
  • I’m a very hard worker
  • I love to learn new things
  • I always have many many new ideas to innovate and improve process (my colleagues can tell you ^^)
  • I’m a real strategist (I love to plan things, to test, to try new strategies to always improve my methods)
  • I like to help others (students, colleagues, friends, etc.)
  • I love to optimize websites (haha), but also people (changing their mind, to value them, etc.). I’ve managed teams and I’m managing the biggest SEO association now, and I know how important people would feel much more confident if you value them! Many managers didn’t / don’t understand that.


By posting this article, I really want to tell you to focus on your strongest skills, and love yourself as you are. It’s super important to feel happy! I hope that you will realize that you are wonderful person as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them in the below comment box!

Good luck 🙂

Veronique Duong – Certified SEO Consultant

Working in a bicultural and international environment, this is what I want / love! #SEO #hobby

Hello all,

It’s been a while that I was thinking about how to work in a bicultural environment again. Before, I was working between Europe (France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Germany, Spain, etc.) and Asia (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc.), and I must say that I LOVED it.

Veronique Duong, SEO expert in Hong Kong, SEO Baidu, Asia SEO

Me in Hong Kong at the Victoria Peak by night

Now, I only work in France, for French companies, and I start to miss the international environment a lot! I’m not saying that I don’t like only working for French companies, no no no, but as I’m an Asian girl who was born in Paris, and that I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Teochew, English, French, and I know SEO very well, and webmarketing in general, I think I’m missing something right now. But it’s not too late! It’s never too late! I believe that changes will happen.

Thanks to this year of focusing on technical elements on SEO in the French companies, I have reinforced my SEO skills. I’ve discovered so many new tools, and I like to use them a lot 🙂 and of course I still want to work with French companies!

But I would like to have an international experience again, really. I hope it will come soon! I would like to be an evangelist that help international companies to understand the importance of webmarketing and especially SEO (Baidu SEO, Google SEO, Naver SEO, Yahoo! Japan SEO, etc.)

Veronique Duong, Asia SEO expert in Taipei, SEO Baidu, Asia SEO

Me in Taipei, at Taipei 101!

If you have SEO projects, questions on SEO, or else, you can write to me: autoveille@gmail.com or let me a message on Linkedin!

Thanks a lot,

Veronique Duong – Certified SEO consultant


My books on Chinese SEO are sold in France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, and on Google Books! Here are the links!

Hello all,

Many people asked me where they can buy my books on Chinese SEO / Baidu SEO, and for the moment, there is only the French version which is available online and in bookstores. For the English version, you should still wait a bit, but it will be published soon on Amazon and other websites for sure!
Here is the cover of the French version 🙂

If you can read French or you are living in Paris, you can already purchase my book (the French version) at Librairie Eyrolles in Paris, or on these main websites:







You can also find it on online websites in Switzerland, Belgium, USA, etc.:

France Loisirs

Belgique Loisirs


An extract of my English version book will be available on Google Books. Also, it will be available on Wiley’s website:

Google Books


Well, I will update this list when there will be new bookstores or online websites which will sell my books. I can’t wait to see the English version, but we still have to wait 6 to 8 weeks. So maybe in July, the book will be available 🙂

Keep you inform!

Good luck,

Veronique Duong – SEO specialist on Google and Baidu’s stuff

Veronique Duong is the new President of the biggest French SEO association: SEO Camp! – My wishes

I’m the first woman who became the President of the biggest French SEO association: SEO Camp! I think that I’m also the youngest and who is Asian. By becoming the President of an association like the SEO Camp, I would like to prove to people that if you work hard, and you love what you are doing, everything is possible.

Now, I would like to make the SEO Camp well-known in the World, that even SEO experts from other countries can become members, and discover how French SEO experts work, and how a French SEO association is.

I remember that few years ago, when I was looking at what the SEO Camp is doing (events, etc.), I was fascinated. It seemed so great (and it still is, I can tell you ;)), and it seemed so inaccessible. I became a SEO Camp member in November 2014, when I would like to pass the CESEO exam (and I’m a certified SEO since then :)).

In April 2016, I gave my first conference at the SEO Campus Paris event (on Baidu SEO). In June 2016, I was elected « General Secretary » of the association. And in March 2017, I’m the new President of SEO Camp. In 2 years, things have all changed for me, and I can tell you that if you work hard and love what you do, you can do all the (amazing) things that you want.

seo-campus-paris-2017-veronique-duong-presidentMe, being the new President and making a speech at the SEO Campus Paris 2017


With the SEO Camp mug 😉

Well, if you want to become a member of SEO Camp, please contact us at contact@seo-camp.org or go to our website to subscribe: https://www.seo-camp.org/

Have fun, work hard and be passionate!

Veronique Duong – President @SEOCamp

Creating (SEO and Web marketing) contacts all around the World! #Asia #USA

Hello all,

Hope that you are doing well. I’m currently working on a big project that I can’t reveal to you for the moment. This project is just super important for me, and I’ll need to create SEO and web marketing contacts all around the World.

Firstly, I would like to meet people in China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and work with them in order to know what are the real cultural aspects behind all the chats and conversations that I can have with people in these countries or territories.

I could say that my dream would be something like working both for Western companies and Asian companies. As I’m 100% bi-cultural, this is my real strength, and I really want to work in this kind of environment: bi-cultural and international.

I would like to meet people in Asia who are working and web marketing and / or SEO, and have a conversation with them. To e-mail me, please write to this address: autoveille@gmail.com

Thank you very much!

Veronique Duong – SEO certified consultant


认识亚洲的SEO文化 – 中文文章




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