Changing the name of my « AUTOVEILLE Multimedia » blog to « ASIASEO »! Need opinions :)

Hello everybody!

It’s been a while that I was thinking about this: renaming my current blog « AUTOVEILLE Multimedia » to something that sounds more like « Asia » + « SEO », and I was thinking about « ASIASEO ». But if I do so, people would think that I only work on Asian SEO. This new brand will be a sub-brand of AUTOVEILLE.

I’ve trainings on Google too, so I need to communicate on this as well. However, as you know, Baidu, Naver and Yahoo! Japan are only used in China, Korea, and Japan. For the other Asian countries (Singapore, Thailand, etc.), people are using Google. So it should be fine if I choose my new brand name as « ASIASEO » or maybe, I’m going to use the .asia extension, and I’ll have something like: 🙂

asia-seo-autoveille-veronique-duongSource of the image: News Microsoft .com

What do you think? I need your guys’ opinions!

I’ll do the changes in July … in Summer 2017 🙂 and you can write me an email to tell me your opinion: or let me a message on Twitter or Linkedin.

Thanks a lot!

Veronique Duong – Asian SEO Consultant (but not only!)


3 réflexions sur “Changing the name of my « AUTOVEILLE Multimedia » blog to « ASIASEO »! Need opinions :)

  1. Hello it’s a kind of good idea ’cause you branding way is more international.

    But as SEO think about your domain name and focus about .com ! if you want bring your skills you need to focus on .com (it’s my opinion) so ASIASEO.COM is already busy.
    I follow you since long time and think your works is well please keep effort ! and thanks for all you did. Respect!


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