Organizing a SEO event in Hong Kong, my next goal :)

Hi Guys!

This article is in English, because I’m targeting Hong Kong SEO / Search / PPC consultants / experts. Next year (2017), I would like to go to Hong Kong for a trip (one week or two), and I think it could be great if I can meet Hong Kong search consultants there.

My idea is to go out all together, and have a drink … or even better, to have a dinner (with dim sum, tea, etc.) in order to discuss about Hong Kong’s SEO trends, and even China’s ones, if you have some good tips to share 🙂

In France, I often organize events. I really like to meet other consultants and have a talk with them. This helps you to learn so much!

If you are interested to help me to organize that, then add me on Linkedin « Véronique Duong », and let’s start the organization.  I can speak Cantonese fluently, so the communication can be done in Canto too!

Dim Sum - SEO Event in Hong Kong - AUTOVEILLEYou can also write to me with this mail address:

V̩ronique Duong РCertified SEO consultant in Paris


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