My books on Chinese SEO are sold in France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, and on Google Books! Here are the links!

Hello all,

Many people asked me where they can buy my books on Chinese SEO / Baidu SEO, and for the moment, there is only the French version which is available online and in bookstores. For the English version, you should still wait a bit, but it will be published soon on Amazon and other websites for sure!
Here is the cover of the French version 🙂

If you can read French or you are living in Paris, you can already purchase my book (the French version) at Librairie Eyrolles in Paris, or on these main websites:






You can also find it on online websites in Switzerland, Belgium, USA, etc.:

France Loisirs

Belgique Loisirs


An extract of my English version book will be available on Google Books. Also, it will be available on Wiley’s website:

Google Books


Well, I will update this list when there will be new bookstores or online websites which will sell my books. I can’t wait to see the English version, but we still have to wait 6 to 8 weeks. So maybe in July, the book will be available 🙂

Keep you inform!

Good luck,

Veronique Duong – SEO specialist on Google and Baidu’s stuff


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