Companies and agencies that have attented my Baidu SEO trainings!

Hi all!

Since December 2016, I’ve given Baidu SEO trainings to agencies and companies all around the World, and there are two that I would like to introduce them to you!

Chrisper & Julian Group: Gdansk, Poland – December 2016

chrisper-julian-group-logoChrisper & Julian Group works by applying the most creative and effective marketing strategies in order to enable companies to attract the most clients and to achieve higher recognition.

It was super great to work with them! I’ve given a 6 hour training to a group of 13 people, and it was very intense! I share my knowledge with the group, and the training was very interactive 🙂

Here is a short video of my training. I have other videos, but didn’t upload them on YouTube yet, and I’ll do it later:


RBBi (Red Blue Blur Ideas): Dubai, UAE – January 2017


This agency is the first and only one in Dubai who is working on UX, SEO, CRO, Analytics, etc. I’ve given a training on Baidu SEO training, and it was very interactive too! There was 6 people and  it was also very intense! There were many good questions, and it was great to discuss with everybody!

If you want a Baidu SEO training, please contact me as soon as possible at, because I only give 1 to 2 trainings per month (so my planning is quickly full).

Thank you and good luck!

Veronique Duong – Baidu and Google specialized SEO Consultant


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