Baidu #SEO MIP (Mobile Instant Pages) : « Long loading time on mobile results in missing purchases »

Hello everyone!

I just found out an image that means a lot regarding long loading time on smartphones in China. The source of the image is from « Shanghai SEO Sunday blog ». There is a quote on it, and the quote says that « because of long loading time, you can miss many important purchases » … and what a pity!

You must know that most of Chinese people are purchasing products and services on their smartphones, and long loading time won’t help your business at all! Think about Responsive, light codes, etc. from now on!

In 2016, Baidu launched a project for making the webpages faster, and its name is Mobile Instant Pages (MIP). The idea is to create a mobile version of your desktop website, and it will be developed in HTML MIP language (the concept is very similar to Google AMP).

The MIP mobile version should have the same content than the main desktop website. Don’t forget to use Canonical tags in the MIP version of course to avoid any Duplicate Content between the MIP website and PC one!


Don’t miss a purchase because of long loading time! That’s very « sad » :/

If you have any question regarding Baidu or Google SEO, you can write to me!

Good luck!

Veronique Duong – Baidu and Google SEO manager


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