Focus on your strongest skills and qualities to be happy

Hello all!

These days I was searching myself day and night, and I finally realize that it won’t work if I’m always focusing on thing that I wanna change. So I decided to live with my strongest skills and my weak points, because nobody is perfect!  But what I wanna really do, it’s to focus and develop my strongest points as much as possible.

At work, my strongest skills are:

  • Organization (I’m super super organized, and I think that you can notice it if you look at all my activities), so I’m a good project manager
  • Communication: just to look at my personal branding, and you will understand why I dear to say that I’m very good at communication
  • Multilingual and bicultural: I can speak 5 languages and understand both Western and Asian cultures
  • I motivate myself really easily, and that’s why I can have a lead role in order to make the team motivates too
  • my Very Strong SEO skills (Google and Baidu): I can explain SEO to very beginners to experts without any problem. Every time that I give a conference or a training, people always learn a lot, and love my SEO trainings, SEO courses
  • I love to do very Clear and Concrete SEO audits (from technical elements to external linking). I realize that clients also really like my way to audit their websites, because it’s clear and they understand what I’m saying even if it’s very technical sometimes. I’m very good at simplifying science concepts
  • I love to speak in conferences, trainings, to speak in public in general (and this is not something that everybody loves …)
  • I’m a very hard worker
  • I love to learn new things
  • I always have many many new ideas to innovate and improve process (my colleagues can tell you ^^)
  • I’m a real strategist (I love to plan things, to test, to try new strategies to always improve my methods)
  • I like to help others (students, colleagues, friends, etc.)
  • I love to optimize websites (haha), but also people (changing their mind, to value them, etc.). I’ve managed teams and I’m managing the biggest SEO association now, and I know how important people would feel much more confident if you value them! Many managers didn’t / don’t understand that.


By posting this article, I really want to tell you to focus on your strongest skills, and love yourself as you are. It’s super important to feel happy! I hope that you will realize that you are wonderful person as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them in the below comment box!

Good luck 🙂

Veronique Duong – Certified SEO Consultant


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