Veronique Duong is the new President of the biggest French SEO association: SEO Camp! – My wishes

I’m the first woman who became the President of the biggest French SEO association: SEO Camp! I think that I’m also the youngest and who is Asian. By becoming the President of an association like the SEO Camp, I would like to prove to people that if you work hard, and you love what you are doing, everything is possible.

Now, I would like to make the SEO Camp well-known in the World, that even SEO experts from other countries can become members, and discover how French SEO experts work, and how a French SEO association is.

I remember that few years ago, when I was looking at what the SEO Camp is doing (events, etc.), I was fascinated. It seemed so great (and it still is, I can tell you ;)), and it seemed so inaccessible. I became a SEO Camp member in November 2014, when I would like to pass the CESEO exam (and I’m a certified SEO since then :)).

In April 2016, I gave my first conference at the SEO Campus Paris event (on Baidu SEO). In June 2016, I was elected « General Secretary » of the association. And in March 2017, I’m the new President of SEO Camp. In 2 years, things have all changed for me, and I can tell you that if you work hard and love what you do, you can do all the (amazing) things that you want.

seo-campus-paris-2017-veronique-duong-presidentMe, being the new President and making a speech at the SEO Campus Paris 2017


With the SEO Camp mug 😉

Well, if you want to become a member of SEO Camp, please contact us at or go to our website to subscribe:

Have fun, work hard and be passionate!

Veronique Duong – President @SEOCamp


Creating (SEO and Web marketing) contacts all around the World! #Asia #USA

Hello all,

Hope that you are doing well. I’m currently working on a big project that I can’t reveal to you for the moment. This project is just super important for me, and I’ll need to create SEO and web marketing contacts all around the World.

Firstly, I would like to meet people in China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and work with them in order to know what are the real cultural aspects behind all the chats and conversations that I can have with people in these countries or territories.

I could say that my dream would be something like working both for Western companies and Asian companies. As I’m 100% bi-cultural, this is my real strength, and I really want to work in this kind of environment: bi-cultural and international.

I would like to meet people in Asia who are working and web marketing and / or SEO, and have a conversation with them. To e-mail me, please write to this address:

Thank you very much!

Veronique Duong – SEO certified consultant


认识亚洲的SEO文化 – 中文文章




在亚洲, 搜索引擎优化(SEO)有没有发长的希望?你们有什么看法?










Changing the name of my « AUTOVEILLE Multimedia » blog to « ASIASEO »! Need opinions :)

Hello everybody!

It’s been a while that I was thinking about this: renaming my current blog « AUTOVEILLE Multimedia » to something that sounds more like « Asia » + « SEO », and I was thinking about « ASIASEO ». But if I do so, people would think that I only work on Asian SEO. This new brand will be a sub-brand of AUTOVEILLE.

I’ve trainings on Google too, so I need to communicate on this as well. However, as you know, Baidu, Naver and Yahoo! Japan are only used in China, Korea, and Japan. For the other Asian countries (Singapore, Thailand, etc.), people are using Google. So it should be fine if I choose my new brand name as « ASIASEO » or maybe, I’m going to use the .asia extension, and I’ll have something like: 🙂

asia-seo-autoveille-veronique-duongSource of the image: News Microsoft .com

What do you think? I need your guys’ opinions!

I’ll do the changes in July … in Summer 2017 🙂 and you can write me an email to tell me your opinion: or let me a message on Twitter or Linkedin.

Thanks a lot!

Veronique Duong – Asian SEO Consultant (but not only!)

Agences et entreprises étrangères qui ont suivi mes formations SEO Baidu !

Hello tout le monde,

Un petit article pour communiquer les entreprises et les agences qui ont déjà suivies mes formations SEO Baidu, et qui m’ont fait des bons retours. Cela fait plaisir ! J’ai beaucoup d’agences à l’étranger qui me connaissent désormais, grâce à mes vidéos YouTube en anglais :

Chrisper & Julian Group (Gdansk, Pologne) :

chrisper-julian-group-logoFormation sur le SEO Baidu donnée en décembre 2016 pendant 6 heures directement sur place à Gdansk ! Un groupe intéressé, à fond, et c’était super cool de travailler avec eux 🙂

Petite vidéo de ma formation à Gdansk en Pologne :


RBBi (Red Blue Blur Ideas) : Dubaï, Émirats arabes unis

rbbi-logoLa première et seule agence localisée à Dubaï spécialisée sur l’UX, le SEO, le CRO, l’Analytics ! C’était un vrai challenge de proposer une formation SEO chinois à une agence se trouvant dans le moyen orient, mais c’était une super méga expérience.

Formation donnée en janvier 2017 🙂

Si vous êtes intéressés par une formation sur le SEO Baidu, écrivez moi vite à ! Je n’en donne qu’une ou deux par mois 😉 (planning chargé !)

Bon courage à tous !

Véronique Duong – Passionnée de SEO et de webmarketing !

Companies and agencies that have attented my Baidu SEO trainings!

Hi all!

Since December 2016, I’ve given Baidu SEO trainings to agencies and companies all around the World, and there are two that I would like to introduce them to you!

Chrisper & Julian Group: Gdansk, Poland – December 2016

chrisper-julian-group-logoChrisper & Julian Group works by applying the most creative and effective marketing strategies in order to enable companies to attract the most clients and to achieve higher recognition.

It was super great to work with them! I’ve given a 6 hour training to a group of 13 people, and it was very intense! I share my knowledge with the group, and the training was very interactive 🙂

Here is a short video of my training. I have other videos, but didn’t upload them on YouTube yet, and I’ll do it later:


RBBi (Red Blue Blur Ideas): Dubai, UAE – January 2017


This agency is the first and only one in Dubai who is working on UX, SEO, CRO, Analytics, etc. I’ve given a training on Baidu SEO training, and it was very interactive too! There was 6 people and  it was also very intense! There were many good questions, and it was great to discuss with everybody!

If you want a Baidu SEO training, please contact me as soon as possible at, because I only give 1 to 2 trainings per month (so my planning is quickly full).

Thank you and good luck!

Veronique Duong – Baidu and Google specialized SEO Consultant

Happy New Year 2017!!

We are in 2017 in few hours, and I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year for 2017! In 2016, I have had a very very intense (professional) life: conferences, events to organize, interviews, changing job, working as a freelancer, and … I have written a book on Baidu SEO! I didn’t take any holiday ^^ »

But I was very very happy with this fruitful 2016! Now, let’s see what’s going to happen in 2017 … I hope that all our professional and personal wishes will be granted.


Good luck and always believe in you, your love and your strength!

Veronique Duong – Baidu and Google SEO Consultant